March 23, 2009 - Bianca was remembered at a fundraiser at Chestnut Hill Elementary in Liverpool, where several teachers got their heads shaved for "St. Baldrick's Day" to combat children's cancer. Local TV news anchor Matt Mulcahy from WSTM was there and he wrote about the event in his blog.


December 9, 2008 - Yesterday we said our final goodbyes to Bianca. The turnout at the calling hours and the funeral service was remarkable, and it showed how many lives Bianca touched throughout our community. One of the most moving parts of the funeral mass was when Marc's spoke about Bianca's life, and we are reprinting those comments here for those who missed them. They are truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing them with us, Marc.

Some thoughts from Marc Bresadola:

"We always knew Bianca would do something special in this world, but what she did was absolutely amazing. Bianca touched so many lives and to see everyone come together to support her and our family through this difficult time has just made me so proud of her. Our family, friends, employers, and the whole community played such a big role that no words will ever be able to express our gratitude.

So we have come here today to celebrate Bianca’s life. The memories we share with her, and the accomplishments she made. I am proud to say that Bianca learned how to read, write, spell, add, subtract, run, jump, kick, pass, swim, color, draw, and make friends, all because she had teachers who cared and took the time to teach. She had also been places like Disney World and seen things Niagara Falls. Bianca also did so many things but one of her brightest shining moments was when she got to swim with the dolphins. She was really a big animal lover and it wasn’t just webkinz. Even though she was just 7 she had already done things that others will never do in their lifetime. So please don’t feel bad or think for one minute that Bianca did not live her life to the fullest, as her parents, we made sure of that. Which brings me to some statements that I  have been pondering about the last few days. That she was "too young" and "it’s not fair." I kept thinking, when do you know, or how can you tell when someone has lived their life complete? When can you say that someone's passing can be justified?  I’m not really sure if there is an answer but I do know if we are all aspiring to get to heaven and enter god's kingdom, experience life in the world ever after,  should it really matter what age you are? If anything maybe we should be jealous she reached there first before us. But we should all take comfort by knowing that in reaching God's kingdom that she is no longer in pain. That her body is free of the disease it contracted. That she is not alone, God and Jesus are there to help guide her along with other family members and friends who have passed. We should celebrate that she is in a better place where she will be able to live out the rest of her eternal life in peace and harmony.

There are some things Bianca has taught us on this journey that I would like to share. That there are some great organizations to help families in need like Make-a-Wish and the Ronald McDonald  House. Places that you hear about but never really know about them until you experience it. Bianca also redefined things like friendship, caring, giving, thankfulness, faith, hope, and love. This is what this friendly little girl with the big bright smile was all about and what she should be remembered for."

end of Marc's written comments... paraphrasing the rest "Since we're doing things a little untraditionally here, like people wearing bright colors to the calling hours, renting a bus to go to the cemetery and having Spice come out here (the dog), I'd like you to help me say goodbye to Bianca by doing the wave, so if everybody in the front row can stand and throw up their hands, and then sit down and the rows behind them do the same, we can say a proper goodbye to Bianca" (Then, with laughter mixing with our tears, the entire church proceeded to do "the wave," ending with a round of applause for Bianca and her father.



December 6 - Here is the link to Bianca's obituary

December 5 - Arrangements for Bianca are as follows:

There will be calling hours and a celebration of Bianca's life on Sunday, December 7, from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Liverpool. Please do not feel you have to wear black. The family would like this to be a joyful celebration for all whose lives Bianca touched.

On Monday, December 8th, a Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 9:30 a.m. at the Church, after which she will be laid to rest at the Greenlawn Memorial Cemetery in Warners, NY.

In lieu of flowers, the family request donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central New York.



December 3 - For more than half a year, Bianca bravely fought the cancer that spread throughout her body.

Shortly after 8 p.m. on December 3, at University Hospital in Syracuse, with her mother and father by her side, Bianca lost that fight and got her angel wings.

Those of us who knew and loved Bianca will always have such fond memories of her, and words cannot express how much she will be missed.

Our hearts go out to the Bresadola family.

We will pass along any details of her arrangements on this site as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, we ask for your prayers of support for Stephanie, Marc, Mia and the rest of their family, as they grieve from their devastating loss.

We appreciate the support, love and prayers that everyone gave for Bianca.





November 27 - Marc and Stephanie brought Bianca home from Texas, and they are now back at University Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit.

They DO want people to come and visit. Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


November 23 -
Well it's been a while since the last update, but we are still in Texas. I really don't know where to start as so much has happened. Bianca was admitted to the ICU Monday 11/17 as she was having some breathing difficulties. She was put on a ventilator and is sedated. Without getting into great detail, because it would take a while, we will just leave it that it has been touch and go this week but her condition seems to be improving now and more each day.

On a lighter note we had some visitors for a few days this week, Tim Bovenzi and Pastor Johnny Tucker (www.johnnytuckerministries.com). It was nice to see some familiar faces and it definitely boosted our morale some. They ran into evangelist Steve Hill and his wife Jeri downstairs (www.stevehill.org) Steve is also being treated for cancer here. He and his wife were able to come visit with us and pray over Bianca which we thought was a very special moment. As always, but more so this week, we have done some heavy duty praying for Bianca. We also thank everyone for sending their love and support as things are becoming more difficult. Also want to send a big shout out to Mrs. Nash who has been watching over Mia for us while we have been gone. She is a saint and can't thank her enough for what she is doing.

We still believe that Bianca will walk out of here and we will return home soon. Each day brings new challenges so we will continue to take it one day at a time and keep our faith. Much Love to all, Marc, Stephanie, and Bianca.

November 20 - Here's Boppa's third video from the Disney trip! See Bianca play with the dolphins. Enjoy!



November 12 - Here's Boppa's second video from the Disney trip! Stay tuned for more!



November 10
- Here's Boppa's first video from the Disney trip! Stay tuned for more!



November 9 - Update from Texas: The first day here we were able to take Bianca to the Houston Aquarium. What a cool place. We saw white Bengal tigers along with lots of other fish and animals (pictures coming). We also had dinner there. It had a 150,000 gallon aquarium with sharks and huge fish swimming around while you eat. www.aquariumrestaurants.com That was the end of the fun as Bianca's pain was becoming too much to handle. We were admitted to the hospital 11/5 and have been in ever since as they have been working on getting the pain under control which they have done a great job at that. She has finally gotten some much needed rest. She has already received her first dose of the new drug we came here for which is called LMTTPE, you have to google it to get more info on it but Bianca is #18 in a study they are doing with 50 applicants. She also will be doing some tests and scans next week so she can received some radiation therapy to her legs. Bianca's spirits remain high and we are comforted in knowing that we are in the best place possible to help her. MD Anderson is a huge cancer research hospital and her doctor, Dr. Anderson is one of the foremost in the world on her disease. We continue to hope and pray for her recovery each day. Also Bianca played Bingo in the play room today! She won bingo 3 times and won 3 new Barbie dolls! You should see their playroom. It has a basket ball court inside -- it's awesome (pictures coming).

November 8 -
A bunch of updates:

The latest: Bianca, Marc & Steph left for MD Anderson in Texas on November 2nd for new treatment plan. They were tentatively scheduled to come home today.

Next, check out this article from the Eagle Newspapers about Baskets for Bianca, the fundraiser held last month by Chestnut Hill Elementary School.

Here's a brief write up about the Garage Sale fundraiser held by Bianca's friends at Holy Cross Church recently:

"The Holy Cross Church Youth Ministry program had a successful garage-sale fundraiser for Bianca over Columbus Day weekend. We received many donated items from all over. The grand total made by the end of the sale was $3,543! This was above and beyond what we expected, and we were so happy to give this to the Bresadolas!

We want to thank all of those people who generously donated items, worked to prepare for the sale, worked at the sale, and all those people who purchased items and gave extra donations.  We also want to thank those people who made donations directly on Bianca’s website, who could not attend the garage sale. In addition, St. Vincent DePaul was kind enough to pick up all of the left-over items, which were given to others in need.

God Bless Marc, Stephanie, Bianca, and Mia. We will continue to keep you in our prayers." - The Holy Cross Church Youth Ministry Program

Now, a lengthy update from the big Disney trip:

Well, it was almost too close to call. Bianca ended up in the hospital with a fever on Oct 11. She found out on Oct 12 that her Make-A-Wish was granted and we would be heading to Disney World. Make-A-Wish wanted to have a reveal party with her friends and family to send her off, but it didn’t quite happen that way. Bianca’s hospital stay became extended and it became a question if we would get out of the hospital in time to go. Luckily, things did work out and we were released on Weds Oct 15 and we were on our Thurs, Oct 16 a.m. flight to Disney.

We stayed in a villa at Give Kids the World (www.gktw.org) which was just an incredible place. They had an ice cream bar that was open all day, which the girls really enjoyed. It was a place where only kids with life threatening illnesses and their families could stay. Bianca was able to meet other kids with similar illnesses while we were there. It is run by volunteers and we just can’t say enough about it. Boppa & Grandma, Uncle Gary, Aunt Terri, Ryan & Lauren stayed in Boppa’s camper 1 mile down the road. Grandma Patti & Aunt Karen came & stayed with us in the villa.

After we unpacked, it was straight to EPCOT for dinner with the Princesses. We were able to meet all the princesses and get their autographs and snap some pictures. After dinner, Mia wanted to see “Paris” and then it was home to bed as it was a long, long day. 

Friday, Oct 17, was a date at the Bippity, Boppity Boutique where the girls got all “princessed up” from head to toe. They were pampered for 2 hours and we got some great pictures to go along with it. After the pampering, it was off to Magic Kingdom where we met up with the whole family. We were given a Magic Disney pass which got us onto all the rides with no wait. We saw the Disney Dreams Come True Parade, Mickey’s Philharmonic (3D which was awesome), Peter Pan’s Flight, It’s a Small World, Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean. We also caught the Spectromagic Electrical Light Parade, where the floats are all lit up, and with Wishes nighttime Spectacular fireworks show. Boy, does Disney know how to put a show on.

Saturday, Oct 18, was a trip to Sea World & Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins and touch stingrays. The dolphins were the biggest hit of the trip and the girls would not stop talking about it. We also saw the whale & dolphin show, Shamu (the killer whale) show and the sea lion & otter show at Sea World. Another busy day!

Sunday, Oct 19, started out with a little trouble. Bianca had some pain so we had to make a quick stop at the hospital for more medication before we headed off to Animal Kingdom for the afternoon. We saw It’s Tough to be a Bug (3D movie) located in the huge Tree of Life, we went on the Kilimanjaro Safari where we saw rhinos, elephants, giraffes, lions and many other “African” animals. We also caught the Finding Nemo musical and the Festival of the Lion King, which cousins Ryan & Lauren were picked to participate in toward the end shaking African rattles and instruments. Lion King was an awesome show if you ever go to Animal Kingdom.

Monday, Oct 20, was a day at Universal Studios where the girls went on rides such as Shrek, Sponge Bob, The Simpsons and ET. It was a great park to end the trip at.

Tuesday, Oct 21, we headed back to Syracuse but before we left, after breakfast the girls rode horses at the corral at Give Kids the World. It was a nice way to end the trip before getting on the plane.

Weds, Oct 22, we got home in time for the Baskets for Bianca game at Liverpool High School. Bianca’s gym teacher Mr. Zachery had the idea and put it together. Even players from the S.U. basketball team were able to come and offer support! It was a great night as Bianca & Mia both got into the action and were able to slam dunk the ball. Special thanks to all the staff at CHE and LHS. It was a great turn out that raised quite a bit of money too.

Thurs, Oct 23, was Bianca’s welcome back party at Applebees, courtesy of Make-A-Wish (www.makeawish.org). She didn’t have her send off party, so they had a welcome back party instead. There were about 50 people that came to celebrate with her. Before the party, a limo came and picked up Mia & Bianca and a few of their friends (Abby, Kalin, Destiny, Alicia) and brought them to school for the Halloween party.

Sat, Oct 25, Mia & Bianca went horseback riding with friends while Dad took Koda on a duck hunt. Both missions were successful and accomplished.

Sun, Oct 26, this week has been tough as we are trying to get Bianca’s pain better controlled. We will be headed off to M.D. Anderson hospital (www.mdanderson.org) in Houston, TX for a week starting Nov 2 for a new treatment. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers. We will try to have an update from there.


October 16 -
Guess where Bianca went today?

Thanks to the generous folks at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, she's at Walt Disney World in Florida!

Bianca, Mia, Marc and Stephanie left this morning for a 6-day visit to the Disney Theme Parks. They will be joined by Aunt Terri, Uncle Gary, Cousins Lauren & Ryan and Boppa & Grandma.

She got out of the hospital on Wednesday, just in time to get ready for the trip. We'll all look forward to seeing the pictures when she gets home! Enjoy your trip, Bianca!


October 3 - Sorry it's been a while since we last posted an update. School has started, she has started her new treatment, and we have been trying to keep her busy in between all this, so the schedule has been quite full. She has made it a few full days in school but has been mostly going in just for a little while to see everyone. The staff at Chestnut Hill has been great and her teachers are now coming to the house to tutor her when she doesn't feel well enough to go. The new treatment plan has been tough on her as she has gotten sick more often. But we are trying to keep her mind off it by doing other things.

Bianca has shown her love that she has for horses lately. Her Aunt Terri has a friend Mary who owns some horses. Bianca was able to ride them, feed them, and brush them. "Rocky" was her favorite horse. We also took Bianca and Mia to Rt. 80 stables in Nedrow where they were able to trail ride their own horse! We went for an hour long ride through the fields and woods where each girl did an awesome job controlling their own horse. We look forward to more riding as it puts a giant smile on their faces and they really enjoy it.

We also took a trip to Old McDonald farm in Sacketts harbor with Sam, Lori, Olivia, and other family members. The girls had another great time. We had an awesome lunch first in town and then went to learn about how a dairy farm is run. They also had a petting zoo, corn maze, mini golf pony rides and other fun stuff that kept the kids busy, it was a great day and everyone got to learn a little something new.


Bianca and Mia also recently got to accompany Dad and Grandpa Moose on their first ever goose hunt. The girls got all decked out in camo clothes of Dad's and helped control Koda in the boat. It was quite the experience as the girls got a lesson in patience. They did get a great experience though. They saw Grandpa moose's shooting skills as he was able to harvest a goose. They were also able to see their dog in action and watched as Koda did what Dad trained her to do and retrieved the bird. Best of all it was quality time spent with memories that will last a lifetime.

We also went to a clam bake for the Delta waterfowl Syracuse Chapter at the Spinning Wheel. They raffled off a pink 22 rifle with the proceeds being donated to Bianca which netted $231.00 ! Special thanks to Bryan Campbell for inviting us and setting that up, it was a great time.

We also did a little fishing at a friend's house who has a stocked pond of 4 and 5 lb rainbow trout!! Dad treated the girls to new pink zebco fishing poles and they were able to fight these huge fish. Both girls needed help as the 15 minute fight was exhausting and the girls were nearly pulled in the pond! Bianca caught the biggest and Mia said she caught the prettiest. Each girl caught 2 and Mom even got to catch one. It was catch and release so they will live to fight again next time, but they would have also looked real good on the dinner table :-)

Bianca and Mia have practiced driving at Grandpa Moose's in their go cart in the past and lately on their racing video arcade game in the garage. We now stepped up the practice a little and have added some excitement for Bianca. Since school is only a block away from home Bianca is now practicing driving to school. She sits on Dad's lap and negotiates the three turns through the neighborhood that we have to make. It has given her a great sense of accomplishment not to mention it's a great tool to get her to go to school. Look out Danica Patrick!

Bianca has also had many friends stop by to see her for a visit and some play time. Although she has not been feeling the best, we have been able to keep her spirits high. She looks forward to fall activities, at least one more camping trip, more horse riding, fishing, and what ever else she can think of wanting to do. We were also in contact with Make-a-Wish and we are working on a Walt Disney Trip for her. Here are some recent pictures to enjoy of most of the events above.



September 9 - As labor day weekend approached, the girls were excited to go to the fair. We ended up going twice and both Bianca and Mia enjoyed the rides. The girls were able to ride some big kid rides this year as they have now reached that magical 48" size. Although they are not quite ready for the top spin, they did ride the bob sleds, the hang glider and the big Ferris wheel along with many others. Along with the petting zoo, we also went through every animal building. Bianca's favorite were the baby piglets.

Labor Day weekend was a camping getaway of sorts. Special thanks to Sam and Lori for inviting us up to their camp near Cape Vincent. We drove the camper up and parked in their driveway for what turned out to be an awesome weekend. Weather was beautiful and the food out of this world ( Sam's brownies are world class). The kids enjoyed water fun, boat rides, tubing, fishing, bonfires, golf cart rides, and playing games. We also had the ritual cake and singing of happy birthday to the camper. It was a great way to wind down the summer and get ready for back to school and back to treatment.


Tuesday the 2nd was Bianca's next treatment date. Her treatment plan has changed a little and there are some pros and cons to it. It is a 5 day on, 2 day off plan. She is now able to wear a backpack with a pump and get her meds while not being totally confined to the hospital. Although she has to go in the the hospital everyday for about 1 1/2 hours, being mobile and sleeping in her own bed are very uplifting. On the down side the new chemo drug she is taking is one of the harshest and highest dosages she can receive and she has not been feeling the greatest of late. She was able to make it in for the first day of school! She was very happy to meet her new 2nd grade teacher and see all the school staff and friends from last year. She had a great first day. Her second day was cut a little short as she did not feel so well but she got to spend some time with nurse Patti which she always enjoys. She looks forward to trying to spend more time at school with her friends and teachers.

eptember 6 - Note: Here's an update with some photos from Bianca's mom from August 25th that we just got the chance to post:

It's been a while but Bianca has had some time off from treatment and has been feeling well, so we have tried to keep her as busy as possible doing lots of fun stuff. The week of August 11th - 15th Bianca and Mia went to vacation bible school each night with Grandma Patti and John. On the 12th they had a music lesson / appointment with Joe Carolle to play all kinds of instruments to see what they liked. After trying them all Bianca's favorite was the flute and Mia liked the piano. On the 13th the girls picked up cousin Tasha and went to Girleez ETC. in Manlius for some girly fun. They dressed up in their princess stuff and listened to some stories and had a great time. Special thanks to Simone Bush! Saturday the 16th was some fun here at home when the rain stopped. We had a small cookout party with some neighbors ( The Conners, Phillips's, Dienhart's, Cittadino's, and McVickers). The kids bounced on the trampoline and all played nicely. Even Koda had her friends Cassady and Siena over to tear up the yard and play in the mud. It was a great time capped off by a small fire to toast marshmallows. Sunday the 17th was 9:30am mass at IHM and the afternoon was a visit to the Crimi's house for some swimming and some dinner.

Monday the 18th was a visit to the hospital for a blood count check at which Bianca needed some platelets. When Bianca finished, we went and did a lot of hospital visiting. Mike and Erin Fralix had a baby girl so we walked across the bridge to Crouse hospital for a visit and to welcome the new addition. After that it was a visit to St. Joe's to check on Marc's Aunt Cil Sindoni, then home to plan the next mission. Wednesday the 20th was a trip to Geneva to see Bianca's favorite TV show Extreme Makeover! We got to watch them tear the house down and she even got to see Ty ( Bianca thinks he is hot) Her favorite part is screaming "Move That Bus" so we are headed back there Monday the 25th and we might have an inside tract to meet Ty in person!


Thursday the 21th was another blood count check at the hospital. She ended up needing a blood transfusion so we spent most of the day at the hospital and later Bianca had a craving for Chinese food. So off to the buffet for dinner we went where Bianca had her favorite, Mr. Crabs -- not the Sponge Bob one but crab legs -- and she even tried frogs legs which she also liked? Friday the 22nd was a trip to SeaBreeze with the Crimi's. What an awesome day! It was hot and Gracie, Gabby, Lilly, Mia, and Bianca all had a blast. From the rides to the water park, there was nothing we did not do and Bianca also did it all! The best part was the kids all fell asleep in the camper on the way home. That might have been the best day and best time of the whole summer!


Saturday the 23rd was cousin Ryan's birthday! We stopped by for a game of flag football where Bianca played cheerleader and Mia played half back. After the party the hospital staff and family's from the 7H floor were invited to a picnic at the Chiefs stadium. We got to see some of the staff and meet some families we have not met before, all while enjoying a great game. After the game, special thanks to the bus driver from the Buffalo Bison's -- he gave Bianca a bat and both Mia and Bianca game balls which they had some players sign on their way out (the girls thought it was cool). Finally, Sunday the 24th was excitement. Special thanks to John Tilton for taking Bianca and Mia for their first ever helicopter ride! They took a cruise around Oswego County spotting lakes, rivers, houses, cars and other cool stuff, all without showing any fear! They are still talking about it. Sunday night the Nash's stopped to catch up after being on vacation for a while.


Plans for ahead sound like a trip to the state fair and a possible trip to the 1000 Islands for Labor Day. All plans are written in pencil as they can change in a moment's notice. Her next scheduled treatment date is for Tuesday September 2nd, but she will hopefully make the first day of school.

August 15 - Bianca went into the hospital on 8/7 for a 3-day treatment. Everything went well, she watched a few movies and we got out Friday night 8/9 at 10pm. Thanks to Grandma Patti for bringing Fruity Pebbles during a visit and Grandpa Moose for bringing a McDonalds happy meal. Saturday 8/10 we stopped at their friends Jamie and Kristi Sabastien's for a quick Birthday party visit. Then it was off for some camping at Montezuma. Mia and Bianca had a blast with cousins Ryan and Lauren. They went swimming, played air hockey, foosball, and did a lot of dancing, and even caught largemouth bass from the stocked camp pond. Each kid got to pet the fish before they were released back to the pond. Koda even enjoyed running and playing in the water. At night we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs by the campfire. Luckily the rain stayed away for everything we did. On the way home Monday 8/11 we stopped at the outlet mall in Waterloo to look for some back to school clothes for the girls (it's that time) but did not have any luck. Overall the past 2 weeks Bianca has been very well. She has seemed very chipper and having a good time keeping busy. Both girls are looking forward to heading back to school to see their teachers and friends. As for the next week, Bianca will have her blood counts checked on Friday 8/15 and her next treatment will be discussed during the appointment.

Here are some of the pictures of Bianca at Clay Park Central, as promised! (see Mia's page for a few more)


ugust 7 - Webmaster Mark here... On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of spending the evening with Miss Bianca and her family at the Clay Park Central for a Beatles cover band. It was a great pleasure to finally meet Bianca and to take her picture in person (and to let her take a picture of me too!). We all had fun watching her play on the playground and eat ice cream (thanks Boppa!) with her sister, her cousins and my kids Noah & Molly. She also got to see her former preschool teacher and play with a Chihuahua puppy who was there.

Here is a video that Ellen put together from that night at the park. Enjoy!


August 4 - Bianca has been feeling much better since getting out of the hospital on Thursday, July 31. She is free to have visitors, however, the next few days we will take it easy as she is due in the hospital for her next treatment on Wednesday 8/6 if her blood counts are good. She will be out hopefully on Saturday 8/9 if all goes well. This past weekend was busy, with Bianca, Mia, Cousin Tasha, Dad and the Conners going to the Chiefs game. They lost, but the highlight was watching Bianca sing "take me out to the ball game."

Saturday, our first stop was at the House of Do's in Baldwinsville, for Bianca's Haircut-a-thon, where Dad got his hair cut off again, along with Ryan & Lauren, Boppa & Grandma and some of Bianca's friends. The hot hair cut everyone asked for was "the Mia" haircut. The Jonas Brothers Cousins were there playing music just like at the girls' Birthday party. Thanks to Jeanette Rogers, Cheri Thomas, Elaine and everyone else at the House of Do's who helped with the fundraiser for Bianca!

After that, we went to Bianca's friend Grace's birthday party at Libby Lou at the mall. They had a blast, Mia go an up do and Bianca got the Sharpay lookalike wig. They got nails and makeup and sang the Hannah Montana song out in the mall (pictures to come soon).

Sunday was another birthday party at Flamingo Bowl for Jo Jo Bovenzi. Bianca bowled with the help of the bowling stand which everyone started using after Bianca scored a strike with it. The big winner was Jo Jo's older sister Hannah. Then it was off to Aunt Karen's house for Stephanie's older sister Rene's birthday party -- she turned the big 40! Oh boy... more cake! It was a busy weekend, and Bianca had a lot of fun.

Mia is enjoying reading her messages on her own page, so please keep them coming!

July 30 - Bianca is still in the hospital, and we hope she'll be coming home sometime this week. Her blood counts are still very low from an infection, so she's on an intravenous antibiotic treatment, which Marc and Stephanie will be continuing at home. Because of this, as much as we'd love to have visitors, we're going to have to ask everyone to refrain from visiting until she's off the antibiotics next Friday, due to her lowered immune system.... sorry. Once she's done with the infection, Bianca will LOVE to see everyone again! She's feeling okay and she did watch the video and see the photos of her party online. Here is a link to the coverage of the benefit on WSTM Channel 3 News.

uly 27 - Check our photos page for Benefit pictures! Also, Marc just came back from the hospital, and reported that Bianca is still running a fever, but not in any pain. She was in good spirits today, and they said she had an ear-to-ear smile last night when she saw the live broadcast of her party on the news! Here is a video that Ellen Kotzin put together from the Benefit!


Here are the lyrics to Bianca's Song, as heard in the video, by the Songs of Love Foundation

To purchase a downloadable copy or ringtone of Bianca's song, please visit the Songs of Love website at this link:


Enter the last name: Bresadola and the child record number: 15898

The Songs of Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization that creates original personalized songs, free of charge, for children and teens facing tough medical challenges. We appreciate their song for Bianca!

July 26 -
What a great party! The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have our guest of honor there in person. We did hear that Bianca watched the benefit live on WSTM's 6 p.m. newscast, so she got to see some of the fun and excitement as it happened, and all the love and support from those there. We missed you Bianca! Otherwise, everyone had a great time, and we'll post photos and video on the website tomorrow.

July 25 - Less than 24 hours to go to the big party/benefit! The Committee has been busy this evening setting up, and we'll be back at it tomorrow. What we CAN guarantee is that a good time will be had by all!!! Unfortunately, we received the bad news today that Bianca was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly, due to her blood counts being too low and the possibility of an infection, so it appears that she will likely NOT be able to attend, although we are all praying for a quick rebound. Nevertheless, the party will go on with or without her, and we will have a video camera set up so that people can send Bianca messages of love and support. See you all tomorrow!

July 23 - Did we mention there's a benefit this weekend? Special thanks to Movin 100.3/96.5, Sunny 102 and 93Q radio stations for giving us airtime this week to let our whole community know! We appreciate the coverage, and we hope to see all their listeners at the benefit!

July 22 - Mia and Bianca had fun today playing on their new trampoline (see the photo on our photos page). She had a really good night last night and she can't wait to go to her party. We just found out today that she'll be arriving in style, thanks to the generosity of American Limousine, who will be bringing Bianca, Mia, Marc and Stephanie to the party!


July 21 - Bianca is back home after a few days of treatments. She's a little sore, but happy to be home. In the meantime, Bianca's car wash at Auto Zone in North Syracuse was a big success! Thanks to Ann Baldini & Sandy Aloi and their friends at Chestnut Hill Elementary for helping put it together. Here's a slideshow of the fun!


July 17 - Bianca had to go back to the hospital today (Thursday). She was in a lot of discomfort with her leg and the Doctors said to bring her in. They started a different chemo drug today (instead of waiting to start Monday) and she needs to be in the hospital until Monday now... so Seabreeze is postponed until a later date. They will be doing another bone scan on her tomorrow and this will hopefully help the doctors determine more for her next course of treatment. Marc said visitors are welcome to come and visit. She has lots of books & games to play with people when they come up. She was obviously bummed out about Seabreeze.

July 14 - Bianca was able to leave the hospital on Thursday the 9th (for good behavior). Her friend Kailin and her mom happened to be visiting when the good news that she could leave came in. It also helped that Kailin and her mom were able to help carry her bags down to the car :-) On Friday Bianca & Mia and their friends Hannah & Alicia Nash, Seth & Hannah Gilbert, A J, Destiny Bellomio, and Abby Conner all went to the Carousel mall to see the Disney movie Wall-e. They all enjoyed it very much. Saturday it was hot, so to cool off, the girls and cousin Tasha went to the YMCA to swim. Then Saturday night we went and saw the East Syracuse fireworks show with cousin Tasha. Sunday Morning was 9:30 mass at IHM and the girls got to pet Father O' Hara's dog Spice. She is a golden retriever that is a regular at church. After church Grandpa Moose (Bruce) took the girls to Dunkin Donuts for a treat. Sunday evening Cousins Ryan and Lauren came over with Grandma & Boppa and Aunt Terri & Uncle Gary, and we had a small cook out and then had a blast with the Nintendo DS game systems. It was battle royal provided by Super Mario Cart which cousin Ryan took top honors. Today she went back to the hospital for 2 days of scheduled treatment, but her blood counts were not high enough to undergo the treatment, so it has been postponed until next Monday. This weekend we're planning a family camping trip to Seabreeze Amusement Park.

Bianca (2nd from right) and friends at Wall-e movie

July 11 - We've got several new fund raising opportunities listed on our site, including a Haircut-A-Thon and a Car Wash to benefit Bianca. See our How you can help page for more details!

July 10 -
Bianca went back into the hospital on Monday for her third treatment, and can't wait to come home. Hopefully she'll be home tomorrow. She goes back in next Monday and Tuesday, and then will be off for two weeks. She's looking forward to her party (the benefit) on July 26!

July 7 - We were supposed to get out of the hospital Thursday but didn't get out till Friday the Fourth of July. Thursday morning the princess from Liverpool High School came in to visit and brought a gift basket of princess items. Friday night we went and saw fireworks with cousins Ryan and Lauren at the Fairgrounds. Saturday we went to the zoo with Bianca's friend Destiny. Saturday evening we stayed home and played out back with Abby, Destiny, and Kailin. Sunday we went to 9:30 mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Liverpool then packed a lunch. We picked up cousin Tasha and Kailin and her mom & dad and all went to Jamesville beach. We had a picnic lunch, made a sand castle, went swimming, had a seagull poop on our blanket (ewww)! Sunday evening was a big unexpected party. The hot tub was open for business. Anthony and Renell came over with Hannah and Jojo Bovenzi. Abby and brother Aiden and mom Chris, Kailin and mom Danielle, Hannah next door and mom Beth, Dad and Vicki and Stephanie's grandma (nona) Marge. Marc cooked a little food on the grill, the pool water got so dirty it is being emptied now. We had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows and made smores. She had a great weekend. She went in to the hospital Monday morning and will be there until at least Thursday and welcomes visitors.

Bianca and Mia at the hospital with
Liverpool High School Princess
Becca Wenesfelder

Bianca and Mia dressed up in their Princess best

July 2 -
Check out this front page news article about Bianca from the Liverpool Review. It also ran in the North Syracuse Star-News and the Baldwinsville Messenger. Thanks to Eagle Newspapers and especially Editor Sarah Hall, who did such a great article.

June 30 - Back from camping! Here is a video slideshow Boppa made with pictures/video from camping last year and this past weekend. We had a great weekend, and Bianca swam at the beach and in the pool, and played Candybar Bingo and Uno with her cousins and friends. Bianca was craving tacos all weekend, and she did have some! She played at the playground and watched the movie Brother Bear 2 in the camper when it was raining. As you'll see in the video slideshow, as part of our family tradition, we sang "happy birthday" to the camper at the end of the camping trip -- the camper turned four this year!


Here's the video from the Post-Standard that they posted today from the family haircut. We're also expecting an article in Thursday's Neighbors North newspaper insert. Watch for it!




And finally, here are a few pictures from June 25th when musician Red Grammer visited the girls at Chestnut Hill Elementary School:


June 26 - Nine members of the Bresadola and Gilbert families got a giant group haircut today! This past Sunday, Bianca had her hair shaved off, and today the rest of the family joined her in getting their heads shaved (or their hair cut really short) to support her. Thanks to the House of Do's Salon in Baldwinsville for donating the haircuts for everyone! They will also be hosting a Haircut-a-Thon on August 2 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to benefit Bianca. Today's family haircuts were a lot of fun, and Bianca and Mia even helped with some of the haircuts. Television news channels WSTM (3) and WSYR (9) were there, as well as the Post-Standard. We'll post links to their coverage soon.

Here's a PDF version of the Post-Standard article, Shaved in Solidarity.

Here's a short video of the event:




Also, we now have buttons for people to wear, for a donation of $1 or more! If you want to purchase a button, as featured here, please see any of our committee members, or stop by Rumetco Sales Inc. at 610 West Bear Street in Syracuse. Let everyone know you helped Bianca!


June 25 - Happy times! Bianca went to the Clay Park last night with her family to see her favorite band, Letizia and the Z Band play. She had a great time playing on the playground and listening to the music. Afterward, she talked with Letizia, who gave her an autographed shirt from the band. In the photo below are cousin Lauren, twin sister Mia, Bianca and Letizia.

June 22, 2008 - Bianca was running a fever, so she was admitted to the hospital on Friday evening. This was somewhat expected. Now her fever has broken, and she's feeling tired but okay. She's still looking forward to her camping trip on this coming Friday prior to starting her next round of chemo on Monday the 30th.

June 19, 2008-
Bianca went to school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and saw her friends and teachers and had lunch with everyone. Now that her right leg has been feeling better since the biopsy, she's been walking around better. Change in plans... instead of starting chemo tomorrow, we've rescheduled for the 30th, which will allow the family to go camping at Brennan Beach next weekend. Celebrating passing first grade! Bianca reads her messages on the website each night before going to bed, so keep the love and support coming!

June 17, 2008
- Bianca had her first round of Chemotherapy in the beginning of June for 48 hours. She's starting her second round on the 20th. She'll be staying at University Hospital for five days, while undergoing the treatment. Then she'll go home for two days and go back in for five more days. So far, she's handling the treatments pretty well, and enjoying playing with her cousins at home. She looked at the website today and your messages brought a smile to her face!

June 17, 2008
- Our site is now live, and we'll soon be posting updates about Bianca. Stay tuned...